Sacha Lineage


maharajjishantiShantiMayi and Maharajji in Rishikesh





ShantiMayi and her Guru, Hans Raj Maharajji, are the last in a line of awakened Masters. This lineage can be traced back to over one hundred years ago to a powerful yogi named Kacha Baba who lived near Varanasi, India. He had perfected many siddhis (supernatural powers) and was considered a great saint. The Prince of Wales, Prince George, later the King of England, went to him for spiritual guidance. A long standing relationship between Kacha Baba and the royal family ensued. Kacha Baba was of the Aghori tradition.






Kacha Baba saw that man had a tendency toward  negativity and destruction on our planet. He felt there was no hope for positive change. It is said that out of compassion for our world, for a new beginning and to end the suffering of mankind, Kacha Baba tenaciously performed a mantra for the dissolution of the world

Kacha Baba                            Giri Nari Baba

Six years before the death of Kacha Baba, he was joined by a great mystic named Giri Nari Baba , Giri Nari Baba was also known as Sacha Baba, Sacha means "Truth". Baba means "Father". Giri Nari Sacha Baba's life was dedicated to the transformation of humanity through awakening the divinity within all. The Gayatri Mantra was (and is) a vehicle for this transformation. In 1906, while in meditation, he had a vision of Kacha Baba. Without knowing why, he knew he had to find him. When Giri Nari found the Kacha Baba in a cave, chanting for the dissolution of the world, he tried to convince the Baba that there could be a transformation of heart. Giri Nari's view was not to destroy the negativity, but to support the greatest possibility in humanity. There was a long testing period. Before his death, Kacha Baba agreed to transmit his yogic powers to the Sacha Baba for the transformation of mankind. 


Sacha Baba

Giri Nari, Sacha Baba left his body in 1944. He left behind many disciples. Perhaps the greatest and most devoted was Kulanandji. He had given up his entire life to be with his Master and to serve God. Grief stricken by Giri Nari's death, he lived in a cave for three years in the Himalayas. While in meditation, he drew Giri Nari's essence into him and took the transmission of his Master's powers. He then emerged as Sacha Baba, Kulanandji. He carried on the work of transforming the consciousness of humanity through awakening. In Allahabad he founded Sacha Ashram. He left many capable disciples to carry on his work. He also left a few Masters who have built ashrams of their own in India.


A great Sacha Master is Hans Raj Swami, Maharajji, who upon first meeting Sacha Baba, fell at his feet and realized his true nature. Baba used to say, "All are my hands and all are my feet. All are my ears and eyes, but Hans Raj, you are my heart." Maharajji is the Guru of Sacha Dham Ashram in Rishikesh. His life too has been surrendered towards the awakening of all beings. 

ShantiMayi together with Maharajji in India during the Winter months, and traveling the globe the rest of the time, continues the commitment of the Sacha lineage. Her life is completely devoted and surrendered to her Masters wish to awaken people everywhere.